Form 1040 - Federal Income Tax Service

Tax time can be very stressful. Let the Wright Services prepare your tax return.

Personalized and Professional Service

We offer customized service for each client. We pick up the work and interview the client in the comfort and setting of the client's own space. Then we take away the information and prepare the tax return in a professional manner. Once the return is completed, we deliver the completed tax return to the client and go over the tax return in detail (if that is what the client wants). All information is kept private and confidential.

Electronic Filing

Once the client has signed off on the electronic filing form, we send the return to the IRS and everything is done. We offer two ways in which to receive your refund: 1.) direct deposit into the client's bank account or 2.)the client will receive a check in the mail.

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Many tax preparation services charge astronomical prices, such as using fixed pricing per schedule. The Wright Services does not use a fixed price schedule. Contact us about pricing. We do our best to be fair and reasonable.

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